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About Vallabhi Agro Services

Vallabhi India provides agro services that equip farmers with essential resources to boost their productivity and yield. These services include crop planning, seed supply, soil testing, training, and support, enabling effective farm management. They are crucial in ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Vallabhi Agro Services proposes to offer advanced agricultural services through PPPs, offering crucial assistance in times of need. The company provides two types of services, namely, the barter system and rental system, where farmers can lease land to cultivate crops, and the company receives half of the profits after harvesting.

Our Products & Services

Equipment Support

Use of modern equipment in agriculture increases the productivity and efficiency of the yield, and we at Vallabh India provide farmers with the equipment support — from sourcing equipment (rentals and sales), repairing equipment, and hiring equipment contractors.

Farming Services

From assisting farmers to address soil fertility issues to increase crop quality and yield to helping them optimize their land usage by improving tilling, draining, excavating, clearing, rotating, fertilizing, irrigation, and harvesting techniques, we do it all.

Agricultural Marketing

We help farmers in transferring agricultural output to the consumers. Not only does it help them get fair compensation for their work, but it also helps them better understand the needs of the consumers, which, in turn, helps them provide right products in right quantities.

Agricultural Consultation

While farmers are knowledgeable about their work, nobody is an expert in every single field. We therefore offer consulting services — soil and pesticide management, weed management, plant management and more — to the farmers where our experts share their knowledge with them.

Soil Surveying

We do soil surveys which helps the farmers determine whether a particular soil type is suited for crops or what type of soil management might be required in that particular area. It can help in providing information for developing optimum land use plans.

Information & technical support

We provide appropriate agricultural information to farmers through the use of our social media handles and SMS. We also give them technical support in respect of the total spectrum of agronomical facets.

Our Services

Electrical Services

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Solar Services

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Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

We maintain a desired level of quality in a service or product by focusing on every stage of the process of delivery or production.


Our diverse industry experience and skilled in-house experts can manage projects from start to finish with the required technical expertise.

Best Support

We always aim to meet our customers’ expectations by providing them with quick, easy, personalized, and empathetic service.


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