Vallabhi India is the perfect choice for your business solutions needs.

In the modern world, businesses are diversifying their operations to stay relevant in the fast-changing economy. We at Vallabhi India, too, have successfully diversified our operations in engineering services, finance services, agro services, real estate, import-export, health industry, diagnostics, and medicines. We have managed to navigate through different sectors and industries, showcasing its strength and expertise.

Narendra Shukla

Our Chiarman

Our Chairman Mr. Narendra Shukla is a proficient leader with social, political and technical expertise. He upholds high ethical values and is knowledgeable in management, economics and politics. With excellent communication abilities, he comprehends various public policy issues like economics, social welfare and national security, to make well-informed decisions.

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Our Leadership

Collaborate, inspire, achieve: Together, we lead towards success

Dr Aakash Shukla
Dr Aakash ShuklaDirector
Geet Shukla
Geet ShuklaCEO, Group Companies
Dr Aakash Shukla
Dr Aakash ShuklaDirector