Mr. Narendra Shukla is a proficient leader with social, political and technical expertise. He upholds high ethical values and is knowledgeable in management, economics and politics. With excellent communication abilities, he comprehends various public policy issues like economics, social welfare and national security, to make well-informed decisions.

Mr. Shukla is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in Facilities Management and Real Estate portfolio. He was the Director of Lilac Facilities Management Private Limited, where he led the strategizing efforts to generate value and align resources to meet business objectives while remaining compliant with the law of the land.

He also served as the Facility Head at Airtel India, where he demonstrated his ability to manage partners across the CRE domain and oversee the delivery of services and projects such as Network Data Centre, MSCs, Offices & Campuses.

Mr. Shukla began his career in the Indian Navy as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, where he specialized in the maintenance of aircraft navigational systems of Russian origin aircraft TU142M. He received his Electrical Engineering degree with a specialization in Aviation from the Naval Institute of Aviation Training in 1988.